Infographic animation Title Pitch


  1. just noticed a typo - you've got 'tittle' not 'title' in your presentation :)

  2. Hi Krissy

    Pitch Feedback

    Ok, the goal you’ve set yourself is a funny animation that reverses the meaning of title. Whilst that is a valid direction and possible for this project you will need to make sure that you don’t over complicate the task too much. There is only a short period to produce this film in so you can’t spend too long trying to understand your concept. With that said there is obvious humour and potential in what you’re proposing if you can ‘figure it out’ quickly. For example, ‘How to cook the right way’ may be a one note joke and hard to sustain over a period of time without a very well developed script. ‘How to park the right way’ will feature the same problem. There is a tradition of this kind of approach to animation (and infographics) such as the goofy cartoon ‘Motor Mania’ (link below). You will also need to be careful that you don’t cross the line into making an animated short as opposed to making an infographic – So make sure you stick to core information whilst reversing the topic. In terms of my favourites ‘drive/park, wake up, cook, and make a good impression’ all seem to have ‘dullness’ built into their themes which needs humour to make them engaging.