Narrative: Art of and Reflective Statement

Reflective Statement
I'm overall happy with the things that I managed to get on for this project. I was definitely surprised that I can actually make furniture designs. Once the designs were in Maya I was happy that everything looked from one world. However as a critique to myself I would say that I need to organise myself better so I can be more flexible and get more things done and faster. In this project I got a bad habit of pushing things further in future because I wasn't too sure what to do or just lacked interest. I need to train myself to be creative and productive even when I lack the motivation for it. Communication is important and that's something I need to work on as well. In future group projects I definitely need to reach out more when I'm insecure about something. I get distracted easily so I need to find a way to keep my focus on things and to find the perfect line between personal life and work.

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  1. Hi Krissy. Your reflective statement is far too brief. See below...