Fantastic Voyage: 'The Art of Anteria' Draft @Jordan

Hi Jordan,

I'm aware this is extremely draft version of my 'Art of' , but I'm not sure if the design I'm going for works. If some pages are too plain than the rest or too crowded with information. Also if I should post all the work I've done or skipping some crappy sketches is fine... I have yet to add my name, my Maya progress, but for now I want to get some feedback on the things I've currently included. I'm also not sure if I should remove the title pages or put different order. All these questions :D

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  1. Hi Kristina,

    A really strong start and already some pages that work beautifully. I love the first set of pages. Those without text that just show thumbnails of characters and environments. They work really well. I think some text beforehand to set them up would help. Just to provide some context, but visually, very strong.

    I understand your concerns regarding complexity of design. Some pages do indeed seem crowded, but largely I think this is a font problem. The title font works well (although it is a little oversized on some pages.) But I'd suggest a simpler, smaller font for any paragraphs and blocks of text. The current font is just too bold and heavy for expansive blocks of text.

    Check out this Art of from Emma Foster a few years ago - https://www.scribd.com/doc/94771702/The-Art-of-The-Cell-Cycle

    Nice bold titles, but simpler, smaller blocks of text. I think that would really change the dynamic.

    Other than that, a very nice start. You may eventually want to rearrange some pages. For example, the early concept pages feel a little back to front. You start with some very finished looking concepts and end with sketchier pages. So, perhaps readjust this. But this can be considered when you have the text issue resolved.

    So, first stop is to sort that text out!

    Here are some more Art of's for inspiration - http://ucarochester-cgartsandanimation.blogspot.co.uk/2016/02/fao-caa-year-1-story-commission.html

    Best of luck.