Fantastic Voyage: Animation and Sound Test

Today I spent most of my time collecting sounds effects and soundtracks. When I was still planing my idea I was looking for nice soundtracks, but it's a bit hard to find exactly what I want so I'm lowering my expectations and trying to settle with what I Can find. If someone is in need, these are a two nice websites with Royalty Free music:


I made a test to check out how the environment would look and see if the sound fits. The animation has pretty bad transitions. I was getting errors with the timing, which was kind of odd because everything was synced. Premiere did not agree with my transitions, so most got cut out while being exported. I though things were going well between us, Premiere ;( Whyyy...??

I think I won't use this P.O.V. because it kills my antibiotic's design when it shoots bacteria. I like how the environment looks though, but that's pretty much it.

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