From Script to Screen: Storyboard Revised

This is maybe my final storyboard in terms of storyline and what will happen and when, but definitely not how I want it to look. Hopefully now it's easier to understand, though maybe I should have left the numbers of the images at least... But the order of it is left to right, left to right. I don't want to use these images for the animatic so I decided to try draw these images better and hopefully I will finish them on time.

I'm not sure about the final scene with the close-up on the cables dangling in the air, amidst the desolate temple... Maybe if I have time...


  1. Some more captions to explain what is happening would be a good idea for something like this, but other than that you're certainly scoring on the emotional side.

    I think my heart skipped a beat when everyones' tethers were removed.

    1. Thank you! And as I'm the creator I'm not sure what to add anymore, because for me everything makes perfect sense... But I will add some more drawings on the animatic itself.

    2. When that sort of thought comes up it doesn't hurt to ask. As I said I'd consider adding captions below each frame to help explain what's going on. Construct your storyboards so that anyone who comes in with no prior knowledge will be able to understand what's going on.