From Script to Screen: Interior Thumbnails

These took me quite some time to figure out, mainly because of my habit to break perspective in odd way. I guess I like things to look more with "fish eye" effect. The first 3 images are the Control room, where basically the evil Mother computer is. The next set of images is just some environment at the working site, which I will need most of the time in my scenes.

I think I'm quite happy with the first image for the Control room. I wanted the evil computer to be simple spiky shape, not even close to the appearance of a real computer. More like something that is so perfect and godlike that defies all laws of... anything. It even floats, because.. it looks awesome! :D But I think it might appear too dark on some monitors. I work on 2 and they both showed me different brightness results.

I quite like the beehive idea, but the perspective of the hexagons killed me. I have no idea how to colour these hexagons in order to give them depth and make them look like tunnels.

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