From Script to Screen: Environment Development

I think this is the way I want my world to look. It's an obvious dystopia with bolder colours and it has a good evil mood to it. These are pretty close to what I imagined, though I should work more on the overall look of the city, but it's a good start. I'm not sure if the second bottom image at left is aright with being called "Control room" where we see the source of this slavery. The Energy supply room is pretty close to what I imagined. I really like the clean look of the 4th image at the bottom (right side)

I love how each one of these images turned out and I ended up making them in detail.

This is pretty big turn from the way I imagined things at first, but I think now I will find a good design for my robots, since I didn't like my first designs.

And my influence map. Asgard and the ships of the dark elves proved to be pretty good source of inspiration.


  1. A good start, the threads coming from people above and the archways really add something to the environment. Regarding your inspirations I am seeing more of the Dark Elf ships in your thumbnails. Asgard not so much - it's a shiny, clean ornate city with beautiful elegant architecture. It's a place of mirth, excitement, majesty and boisterous activity. Another possibility is look up Blade Runner, Metropolis, Logan's Run, is your city going to be dilapidated or oppressively orderly?

    The top-left inspiration looks like Krypton from Man of Steel. At least it somewhat resembles it. But I think it could work as the Krypton environment is much more somber and foreboding than Asgard.

    1. In the previous post with my bin sketches I had Asgard as inspiration. It was basically my starting point, because at first I wanted a perfect city with dark secret underneath, but it didn't work visually for me somehow, that's why I changed everything to go to the Dark Elves design. I just loved the sharpness and used something similar as symbol it also gives more stronger look of slavery, at least for me. But I will check your suggestions too, thanks!