Fantastic Voyage: Initial Research

Here are some of the things I looked up after the briefing. At first I was looking into information about the Zika virus, but the animation I have in mind might not work well with the information I managed to find on it. I got quite interested into how the process of cells evolution happens and how our immune system is in constant battle with the little bacteria intruders. I'm not very educated on the matter so I looked things up a bit and it got me even more interested. My main focus will not be how the immune system works as in the videos below, but rather what exactly does the bacteria do and how. I plan on making it interactive like a game.

I also found a really nice website with interesting 3D medical illustrations of cells:


The images helped me kind of get a starting point of visualising how the cells could look.

John Liebler - The Inner Life of the Cell from John Liebler on Vimeo.

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