Fantastic Voyage: Initial Ideas

During the briefing I got the idea of making the project like a game. I'm a huge fan of Role-playing games, especially if it's online one. My idea is that you create a character which is a bacteria. In every game there is always a cut scene to get you into the mood, story and environment in which you will be playing. After that you always get a quest which will be to sneak into the host's body without being noticed by the guards. Next quest is always introduction so it's a good informative moment. Of course if it's a game with each completed quest you gain experience and thus level up. In this case 'levelling up' will represent the different stages the bacteria takes after battling for it's survival with the immune system's protective cells. The way I think of it is that the main character is taking 'gear' 'new qualities after each battle and gets 'better stats'. In the end it's 'higher level' than the last boss, which is antibiotic and it wins.

The reason why I chose the story to have the bad guy win is because of the antibiotic-resistant bacteria - super bugs.

The game will be for mobile device and I think that it will be good for little children in junior schools.

Here are my other two ideas.

Here I though of making a story of conquest, something about knights and warriors. 

I'm not sure if this is suitable for little children and it may give wrong message so I think this is not going to work, but I just wanted to share it anyway.

In terms of design I'm definitely thinking of something simple. I was looking into some indie games and I think I found the look I'm aiming for.

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