Fantastic Voyage: Influence, Concept Art I'm aiming for

For this project I decided to change my drawing style and try to do something else. Since my idea is to create animation simulating mobile phone/tablet game there is a specific lovely style I really want to try. It's actually really hard for me to shift, because I usually do things painterly with texture brushes, while here I need to have clean lines and gradient colouring. My main influences are 4 games:

ibb and obb

I really like the concept art of this game. I love this simplicity and the 2D impression it gives. It's just adorable.

Monument Valley for it's simple, clean and colourful style. I really like how 3D is made to look like 2D.

Lara Croft GO for the same reason - simplicity.

Alto's Adventure with another wonderful world.

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