Cutting Edge: The Birds,1963

P.S. - Not fully sure if I can address the reader with "you"...


  1. Hi Kristina,

    You have this passage duplicated in your review -

    'Turns out, however, that there is a conflict between them when Mitch says ‘Don’t you remember one of your practical jokes that resulted in thesmashing of a plate-glass window?...The judge should have put you behind bars’. Judging by Melanie’s reaction this is not the best thing to bring up. There is a saying that women tend to be attracted by men whotreat them badly in some way, and Melanie seems to prove it by taking the decision of chasing this man to his hometown just to bring him personally, but still in secret, lovebirds'

    Don't forget to italicise all the quotes - this includes quotes taken directly from the film too (which will also need to be referenced in the text and the bibliography). Your bibliography is missing a few components... see here for how it should be compiled - http://community.ucreative.ac.uk/Harvard-Referencing

    As far as using 'you' goes, there are ways to approach this that make the writing sound more academic. Have a look at the 'Invisible Cities' unit, under 'Essays and Articles'. There is a presentation called 'Academic Writing - Hints and Tips' that you might find useful.

    Other than that, this was a very engaging review Kristina :)

    1. Hey Jackie,

      I did check the guide 'Do's and Don'ts' and I didn't find exactly what I need. I will check again. I just had so many things to say, I made it personal in the end. :D

      I wasn't sure about quotes from the film, but thanks for clarifying that! And the bibliography might be missing things, because I don't know the authors in Wikipedia or IMDb, but yes I did forget the years...