Animation:Nervous Spining-Top Colour Tests

So far I've been trying to tweak the timing and find a fitting way to colour it. The water splash still looks a bit odd and I have to work more on that. I love his expression when he realises he is floating in the air. Too nervous to notice. :D I have to add shadow under the character, colour the water splash and maybe shadow on the character as well. But I definitely need better way of saving this into GIF, because the files from Photoshop get quite big...Or to find a way to compress it without killing the quality too much. :/ Or just to upload it as video!

Here I tried 2 different colours I found fitting and made them as solid colouring and more sketchy... I'm not sure which colour to pick, but I think the sketchy version is better.

Since Meg said that I need sound on this, I think nervous mumbling will be so funny on it. :D

Compressed Version

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