Toolkit Animation: Fragrance

I decided to make abstract animation for Festive Warmth fragrance. My first attempt to make my animation was kind of ruined, because Flash was crashing quite a lot ( I changed two computers). I figured that the brush settings I was using were maybe too much for Flash to handle or something of the sort so I tried to fix it by deleting parts of the scenes, but it wasn't enough. I was guessing how the whole thing was looking, because I didn't want to go to the frames that were taking one minute or more to load and it ended up being too fast.

I decided to make another animation instead, which again is too fast and I should really pay more attention to my timings! I used Photoshop for this and I don't really understand why, but as GIF the animation has these odd noise effect to it, but as video is perfectly fine. Me and technology... :D

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