Soundscape: Development

This interesting and honestly I think I find it more interesting than 'From Script to Screen', but that may be because I've been brainstorming stories without much of a result that I would like to work on... Here are my first few words I relate these images to.

I recorded few sounds with my phone, because I didn't want to forget what I heard, nor what produces it, since I do connect it to the images. I hope it's fine if I can just paste a link to my Google Drive instead of uploading the sounds separately. Also few notes:

1) If you decide to listen to what I recorded, please make sure your volume is NOT too high.

2) Please do not try to read the names of the sounds, because they are in broken Bulgarian (not in Cyrillic)  and they are simply descriptions of what I did. I apologies that they aren't in English, but I wanted to describe it in a way I would remember what I did. I hope that's not a problem.


I will record these sounds anew with the recording device, this is just for me to remind myself of what I had in mind.

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  1. I'm sure you already have ideas in your head about what they sound like, but for the mites I imagined a sort of chewing/crunching sound too...and for that third image i Imagined a sort of underwater feel and electrical currents because they looked like jellyfish to me. Not sure if that helps but figured I'd mention it ^_^