@Phil FSTS: Post OGR

It turned out that I had created the story, which was mentioned in my feedback, but I though it's too much and I discarded it on my own. I did few changes, in the way I'm describing things so it's clear a bit more what I mean. I'm not honestly sure about the ending, but at least it's a happy one! For me everything fits in in a cheesy way. I even added up examples of these mind-controlling cables that also give the order of the whole movement in the Temple-like-city. I'm not sure if the current idea of the way the cable disconnects is good. I will try to gather up more ideas...

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  1. Hi Krissy,

    Okay - time to get this idea into a concise script and then start to visualise - via a thumbnail-style storyboard - how you're going to get that set-up on screen and communicated to audiences 'non-verbally' - so through showing not telling.