FSTS: Like-for-Like Storyboard Segment 'Hotel Transylvania 2'

This was really fun and hard exercise. Fun because I saw details in the characters I didn't before. For example Mavis has big chin like her father Dracula who resembles Adam Sandler a lot. Also these strongly exaggerated facial expressions and body postures were really fun to draw. I was amazed yet again that in the world of animation you can do anything and make it look so realistic and believable. This unrealistic look makes it more.. realistic somehow. Reminds me why I want to do this. Very inspiring!

The hard part was figuring out the key shots. At first I noticed that I'm drawing second by second, thinking "Oh, this is important! Must draw it!" Basically this took me two evenings, because of my wrong approach. The first drawings have smaller brush size, on the next day I was doing braver brush strokes. I just drew the scene, not trying to make the characters as close as possible to the original,  and they came out closer to the original then my first attempts. :D I also realise I gave certain moments more drawings, others less. I did the arrowing kind of wrong as well. I'm not sure as well if there should be dialogue or not. I did a lot of mistakes overall. I couldn't get the balance properly.

The reference scene I used:

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