From Script to Screen: Story Idea, Karma

Another raw story idea. I tried to make something simple, but to feel complete. Sadly there is no temple, and if someone has an idea how to fit it in, would be great. Maybe the school is 'the temple of knowledge'? The ending needs a bit more work.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I find it hard to connect all 3 words...


  1. For me I'm not clear if this is a sci-fi or not..I'm guessing it is as you say 'robot kid'. Maybe instead of having a robot kid you could have it so the rich boy gets a robot that has one wheel, but the rich boy doesn't like it because it's an older model and he wanted the latest and greatest robot avaliable? So maybe he throws away the robot, and the robot is sad and is wandering around like a stray dog then an average kid (or a poor kid) sort of 'adopts' the robot? Maybe the robot sees his new home like a temple because all he's ever seen and experienced was dirty alleyways and rubbish bins? Just some ideas ^_^


  2. Start with the TEMPLE!

    Temple of what? What do people do in temples? What kinds of temples are there? Who lives in a temple?