From Script to Screen: Script

This took me quite a while to write down. I realised how unfinished my story actually was and how hard it is to write clear and understandable script. I don't think I will look at movies/ TV shows the same way ever again. I spend quite some time reading, trying to understand the rules. The only transition I have is "Zooming to the site", which I know is wrong, so please let me know how to write it properly. Of course this is a draft, I have to add all my transitions... There is no dialogue so I will have to rely on imagery and well used camera shots. I studied photography so I'm interested in the directing part. I added and changed few things in order to make things work/fit better. I'm pretty satisfied with the story now. :D I'm also wondering if I described things well enough for someone else other than me to understand.

Looking forward for some feedback, please!

Since I had trouble writing something unclear to me even, I made small storyboard thumbnails and it did help me visualise some of the problematic moments. Of course nothing on this image is final.

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