From Script to Screen: Brainstorming Story Ideas

I've been busting my head around these three words: ROBOT, TEMPLE & UNICYCLE. I was trying to logically connect them in different ways, to think of a story that would somehow work. I originally had around 18 story ideas, but I wrote them down on sheet of paper that was previously used for ink test of my printer and I threw it away by mistake. I remember most of them though.

These 8 images are with the key words of the stories that I selected as stories that could work somehow.The biggest problem is what exactly will fit in 1 -2 minutes of still-image animation and what can I handle in terms of sound.

I'm currently developing each story separately, because I need to see where each story will take me and how exactly I will fit my Robot, Temple and Unicycle. I think that this is the only way I will see what works and how.

The last two story ideas "Parody of humanity" and "How to be funny' - advices of a robot" are quite random ideas I got. By "parody" I mean to let's say illustrate situations that show the numbness of a robot, in other words a comedy, which is unclear to me as well. I'm actually more eager to develop these two ideas, instead of going into a deep dramatic story. I don't want to be too cliché either.

Feedback is more than welcome, if someone understands my ideas just from few words...

The restored stories in my sketchbook:

P.S. - Please excuse my typos or if at some point my writings just lose connection.


  1. In a world where all robots have a single wheel by which to move around, I wonder if they'd worship legs ...?


    1. In the idea with the bizarre culture I actually did though of that, but then since unicycle is a prop I though I have to use it for something, so I discarded this idea. Then the story changed that all robots are ridiculously religious and give sacrifices to their god (old parts of cars, collectors editions screws). And their leader is the robot who makes the most dangerous trick with the Holy unicycle, which is turns out is pretty lame trick. My plot will be exactly the choosing of the next leader. In a way this is a parody, but I didn't want to be too rude about topic like this. Although in my head the idea sounds funny, with the way I imagine the robot to look especially :D I don't know...

  2. I just got an image in my head of a giant circus tent almost like a temple, with robots (or maybe humans?) on unicycles performing with a robot ringleader. Maybe it's a world where robots replace humans because they have superior AI and took over and now humans are in circuses and zoos and are forced to perform for us? Sort of a "humans made 'stupider' and 'less superior' animals to perform in shows, now robots that were created by humans treat humans like animals due to their inferiority" sort of thing....like the tables have turned.

    1. Oh... I didn't though of that one! :O I will take it into consideration!