Character Design: Batman in a different universe

In today's first class we had to simplify or make a character more realistic and complex. I decided to simplify Batman. It was very interesting exercise, because I learned how to simplify complex body structure, which was a bit hard for me. I just couldn't 'turn off' the big muscular body Batman has, because I was thinking if I don't bring in these shapes for muscles it won't be Batman. But then I didn't want to exaggerate too much and making him like Superman in Batman's costume... In the end I just made him short and femine :D  I should sometimes think less and just draw.

After that we had to change the basic shapes of the characters and change their look. I decided to give Batman a bit roundness and I had fun with Justin making 'Batman after his glory days' where he is fat, he has given up, because he is not treated very well. His costume doesn't fit him so he is wearing a Batman T-shirt with printed belt and abs on it, so he can remind himself of what he once had.. His cape is all torn apart and old, and his mask doesn't even fit his head anymore! I'm definitely making this into digital painting :D


  1. I love the fat Batman! It reminds me of a sort of "I hate my job but fine" sort of guy...like a Mall Santa who is really just a lazy fat guy with a beer belly who needs some extra cash.

    1. :D Ahahaha yea, he indeed needs extra cash. He needs new bigger size batman T-shirt, cape, boots and mask. These just don't fit him anymore!