WIM: Lighting Development

This is my lighted scene. I think it looks good so far. I have to add the lights of small ferris wheels at the bottom, but I think I'll leave this for last :D Thanks to Simon, who again saved me with, as always patient explanations! Now I'm too impatient to start putting my textures and see how they look with this light (7 more to be finished). If anyone has suggestions on how to light this better, let me know!


  1. Maybe add some colour to the lights? Your concept art really stood out to me because of the colours...it might be better to determine what colours to make the lights after you texture it but either way, adding the slightest bit of colour to it makes makes it a lot more interesting to work with.

    1. That's absolutely true! Simon also suggested to put colour to them so I can see better their effect, but I started feeling a bit colour blind so I turned them back to being white :D When I add the textures I will give them colours.