WIM: Thumbnails #40-83

As it is known, I had issues with my laptop. This escalated and I lost a lot of my work so I had to recreate what I could or remember. These are not my best pieces, but still sort of resemble my ideas. I was highly demotivated while doing these thumbnails because of what happened to my original files, as it can be seen. I didn't even want to post these at all, but I guess this is better than no work at all. In the end I just finished off in my sketchbook.. I could no longer stand to sit on any kind of computer.  At some point I sort of lost my goals as ideas and caught myself just drawing flowers, which only I see as structures... The last image is of my sketchbook pages where I did my brainstorming about most of the things. The biggest challenge, as funny as it may soun,d was the name of the city. I wanted to be Scottish name with special meaning, because Lewin likes the Scottish folklore. In the end I combined two names - Flora (flower) and Layle (from the island), into Floryle which should mean 'flower from the island'. Hopefully... 

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