WIM: OGR Part 2


  1. OGR 23/11/2015

    Hi Krissy,

    You made it! I like it! See previous comment re. the colour palette (I think the red and green choice is making it look a bit sinister and too alien). Go for the golden palette of fading memories! Also, maybe stay away from thinking in terms of 'just black' - part of the moodiness is coming from all the solid black elements; at a fun fair, there would be uplighting too and glow coming from the elements on the ground, so I don't think this environment would ever be as densely shadowed as the one you're depicting. I'd suggest there are more opportunities for using colour and lighting here, so thus avoiding the slight sense of 'dark carnival' you've got going here. In general terms... onwards! :)

    1. *takes deep breathe*... :D Yay! And... I knew it looked too simple, but I was always bad at lighting and I didn't want to make it somehow.. worse. I should put some texture here and there, more detail, to give it more life. Thanks for the advice!