WIM: OGR Part 1


  1. OGR 06/11/2015

    Hi Kristina,

    I was totally immersed into your story - what an engaging way to take me to your city - through a character's adventure! I enjoyed it - thank you - and I like the idea that your city is a city of fun, as certainly many of Lewin's umbellifers do resemble the stuff of fairgrounds and theme parks, and this element might be worth pursuing in terms of the possible focus of your digital set: some other things that came to mind:


    and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVeHxUVkW4w (this is great fun!)

    I think you just need to be careful that you're thinking about buildings and architecture and structures, as opposed to re-drawing organic forms; it's a translation and an essentialising process - and I suggest you look at lots of organic architecture to give you the confidence to translate Lewin's forms into something more than just 'big plants - so:


    Notice how these forms are absolutely organic and 'plant-like' - without just being big versions of plants. I think you need to really strip out the detail in your next set of thumbnails and think about the essential structures and seek to imagine not 'big versions of Lewin's stuff', but rather what and how Lewin would design if she were suddenly an architect. If you look at her prints, we know right away that's she interested in structures. She loves pattern too, so you might want to think about how tiling or mosaics might be a feature of her architectural vision: for example:


    So, your challenge is to think not like Lewin's paintings have been 'super-sized' but rather that Lewin is now designing buildings for you - it's a slightly different proposition, don't you think? In terms of thumbnails that I think have this more architectural quality, I'm drawn to 48, 51, 52 and 55.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed my story! I really loved writing it. I did notice though, that I'm drawing big versions of Lewin's artwork, but my point was that in order to understand her, I should try to do things like her. That's why I collected specific plants, so I could try to draw them in a way similar to hers.These links and the movie are really helpful, I didn't even consider looking for organic shaped buildings... I should brainstorm more :D