WIM: Development

This unwrapping part is something else :D I don't really understand it, so I'm just doing something unsure if it will work. Fingers crossed it will.

I have to finish the UV of few more shapes. After that I will deform the structures a bit so I can 'fake' the angle I have in the concept and then... lighting and texturing.


  1. The idea is to arrane the squares so you get as little deformation as possible. As this minimises the amount of stretch and squash your texture map will have hwen it is applied to the model. Cones can be tricky, expecially concave ones, when this is your task but a little deformation of the default map (what you have on the model) is fine if you can rectify the deformation in your textures.

    1. Yes, I got that part with the stretch but the unwrapping itself is a bit confusing while making it. I just hope it will make sense when I put the texture on the shape. But for example I have squashed pipes with 4 faces and even though Simon explained to me how I should unwrap it it I'm still confused with it.. xD But they won't be seen so I'm not worrying too much about it. I can only imagine what I will do when I have to make UV's for human face... T_T

    2. Oh right, I apologise.

      Okay then. In the case of those rings I think you may be better off making cylindrical UV maps rather than top-down maps.Imagine cutting the rings open along the inner length-ways edge. Cutting down one line and then opening it out. It might involve two cylindrical maps and two planar maps but that's the best suggestion I can come up with.

      As for the thin tube on the right, you don't need to cover the texture to cover the entire UV map. You've got such a tall structure that either you could tile the texture map, or the UV takes up only a small portion of the grid. But experiment, the more you use the system the easier it gets.

      And try not to worry too much about when it comes to UV mapping faces :) You've got nearly a year before you start doing anything close to that and Alan is good with Maya advice.