WIM: Feedback please! @Phil

I feel colour-blind from staring for too long and playing with the settings, but I think this looks finished! BUT not sure which version of colours aand with motion blur or without. Motion blur suddenly turned into something too hard for me and I just don't want to waste tooo long on trying to refine it... Also not everything has texture, but I don't want to overdo it either, since Lewin's pieces are quite simple and colour is what, at least for me, is interesting and the way she presents the shapes of plants...


  1. For me, it's the non-motion blur one, and it's the gold/green one (2nd image). I like it A LOT! :) Well done.

  2. ... now post it by itself as 'finished' so I can include it in the next PWTM! :)

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    1. .. WIF is a bad typo :DDD Sorry... gonna post it now