Please help! :(

Guys, please help me! I started getting this weird bug and I have no idea how ti fix it!

I've been having this from before, but it wasn't as bad as now. Usually it just appears as notification, but now every time I try to work on Maya or Photoshop it freezes for few seconds, this message appears and I can't use my laptop anymore. Then after I shut it down from the button and turn it on, it says "OPS! Something went wrong with your PC :( " and it restarts again... I looked up in the net and it turns out that I lot of other people have it, but the solutions are more like suggestions for temporary fix.. I updated my BIOS, reinstalled my drivers and installed again... I have no idea what else to do. And Maya crashes every time I use extrude or just move my objects >.< It happened 5 times in a row...It also says that my Maya files are corrupted while it loads them, which would lead to file loss or something like that. HEEELPP ~

[Lenovo Y50-70, Win 10, Intel i7, GeForce GTX 860M]

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