WIM: Influence Maps and thumbnails #1-#23

I've been looking through Angie Lewin's pieces for quite a while now and what I can say is that she is definitely enjoying herself. I like the way she works with colour and how she shows a different way of looking on to these weeds, seeds, grass. Making even flowers who did not bloom beautiful. Here are my influence maps which consist of her prints that I think have building-like elements and the thumbnails of buildings I did:

I wanted to keep the 'style' but instead of weeds and seeds, to use fruits and maybe vegetables as well.


  1. I like #5, 8, and 19 ^_^ maybe you could even look at flowers that bloom from fruits like cherry blossoms? or trees bearing fruit like an orange tree?

  2. I did thought of cherry blossoms, but not about the orange tree :O Thanks for the idea!