Project Invisible Cities Thumbnails 59-88

The cities in the first thumbnail are Leonia 59-66, Isaura 76-69 and Moriana 70-74.

I tried to do something abstract this time as well, which is city Leonia. Since it's a city which changes every day, I was trying to figure out what would be the best way to reconstruct fast, so I simplified it in the shapes of cubes, prisms, triangles and hexagons. On thumbnails 63, 64 and 65 I was figuring out the change itself.. does it somehow "melt"(63) and recreates something, reshapes (64) or just constructs the new parts (65). I imaged Moriana as white and beautiful city with coral shapes, hiding it's true self behind the fancy shiny look, but it didn't turn quite as I imagined. I couldn't image Isaura very well, so I will have to work on it more.

Here are Tamara 75-79, Zenobia 80-84 and Phyllis 85-88.

I'm kind of happy the way Zenobia turned out. Tamara and Phyllis are a bit hard to imagine for me. So many things represent the city I kind of got confused on what to base their image on, but I still tried to distinguish what makes them different, although it needs more work.

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  1. love some of the thumbnails in that top sheet, Kristina - the very cubist examples - nice! :)