Space oddities: Metropolis, 1927 Fritz Lang


  1. Hi Kristina,

    A thoughtful review - I particularly like the imagery around the carnivorous flower idea.

    Good to see you using the quotes to support your discussion; now you just have to remember to reference them correctly :) You should introduce the quote, usually via the author's name, and then directly after the quote you need a set of brackets, with the surname and the year that the quote was made. So for example, 'As Roger Ebert says in his film review, 'blah blah blah...' (Ebert, 2009)
    This then needs to be transferred to your bibliography at the end - have another look here -


    Looking forward to seeing what you make of 'King Kong' :)

  2. But then... the reviews I was reading and the book I saw, it was not done this way. It was just quoted and then the name of the author, no year... I'm struggling anyway to find quotes, now how to find the years, Jesus! T_T