Invisible Cities: Figuring out Armilla..

I need feedback on these..

This is the result of a researching, trying to create this city and imply about the world in it.. I ended up with an explanation for it's demolished look, which is good. One of the issues I had was imagining how the city would look from a distance. I think not it has logic. Why was it demolished? Because of the volcanic mountain it is built on! It is not mentioned what happened to it, so I gave it a story with it's placement and look. This way I can build the environment around it and make it look more believable. It was fun making these with my new favorite technique - collaging !

There were 3 drawings.. The one that is missing is a 1 point perspective drawing of a different kind of bridge, but I just couldn't figure it out the way I wanted it to be so I left it for now... 

The bridge on the lower thumbnail looks kind of weird, because messed up it's structure, but it's not the final design! 


  1. Hmmm - isn't more that the city wasn't finished, as opposed to being demolished? Not sure how the volcano is helping you... maybe it's more like the big cities out in Dubai - where all the water has to be pumped/piped into an environment that would otherwise be desert or uninhabitable: for example:


    So maybe, Armilla was designed in an difficult environment, which didn't have any natural water supply, so it had to be pumped up from underground; it was going to be a great big city in the desert, but then something went wrong (the developers ran out of money!) and left all these pipes in the middle of the desert, but all the water just kept on flowing, so know there's this lush 'oasis' - a city of pipes surrounded by an always irrigated rainforest...

  2. Hey Kristina - if you see this before I see you tomorrow, this is anyway what I want to say... you seem to struggle a bit with feedback - by that I mean it seems to make you worry or strain or 'get stuck'. Maybe it's just that I struggle to communicate the 'freedoms' I want you experience when imagining this city, but also the power of logic opening up opportunities for invention:

    So, Calvino describes an unfinished/half-demolished city (why, how or where is not described) where, amongst the 'ruins' there are people (Calvino describes women, but I think we can include others), and he compares these inhabitants to being like 'nature spirits'. We get a sense that water, sensuality and pleasure have become important elements of this city's culture (belief system). We don't know very much about this place, but if we were to think logically about it, we know that the city would be irrigating its surroundings constantly, which would mean lots of lush vegetation and food and wildlife; no wonder, this place feels like so 'pagan' and lush. It's almost like a mirage, or an oasis in a desert. It maybe that a volcano destroyed the city. It maybe that the city was abandoned. It maybe that the city was built somewhere dry to begin with (hence all the pipes). Really, none of this matters - except in terms of giving you your terrain for your master shot and underpinning the logic of everything else.

    I will keep giving ideas - none of those ideas are 'God's word' or indeed, Calvino's words for that matter! Feedback is like an anvil; you use it to shape your ideas against; to bash them out, polish them up, and knock the edges off. Personally, I think you probably know enough about this city now - and it's probably time to make a decision... and do so with enthusiasm, confidence and pleasure!