Invisible Cities: Colour testing

I think I'm seeing everything all the same from too long staring, or the colours are not right, or I should put more? Red, blue and red should be there for sure, but maybe adding some yellow...? To make the images brighter with stronger contrast or not? Heelp~ 

Also...I think this is what I want my exterior establishing shot to be. I have to put some small details and to touch it here and there, to make it look more like "aqua park":D I'm planing to add slides and maybe some structures for filtering water or something of the sort, to make it more logical and realistic..? We will see where my ideas will fit! And this big bright mass behind is a waterfall. 


  1. I think you're talking about accent colour ; imagine that the visitor to this city arrives at a) sunrise or b) sunset - the sun is low, the colour is a rich orange or red, and it's just 'rim-lighting' the edges of your elements: consider this example of concept art for a sense of how strong, theatrical accent colour used as a highlight might bring this scene further to life: