Abstract drawing

On our second week in class we had a very interesting exercise. We had to draw Armilla, Esmeralda and Baucis in abstract way like Zaha Hadid. Since I'm used to trying to draw something specific and always having some kind of order from realistic object, drawing in kind of chaotic way where shapes are not specific, but rather imply of an idea is kind of hard.. Here is what I did.

These are #43-45 images of Armilla and #46-48 of Baucis. Abstract thumbnails with brushes.
Thumbnails using Laso Tool in Ps of Esmeralda #49-54
And the mixture of all thumbnails above into one separate image #55 Baucis, #56 Armilla and #57-58 Esmeralda.

The thing that I should for sure work on is the colors... I seem to follow what colors I like, instead of trying to capture the right ones to create the mood of the cities...

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  1. I really like the top right thumbnail on the final sheet - I know Calvino has a city that it part fairground/theme park, and I can really see that in that combined image :)