Project Invisible Cities

Here are my last thumbnails drawn in traditional way of Cities Diomira, Ersilia and Esmeralda. I think it's about time to level up and go digital~

So far the project is really pleasant to do, considering that I always looked at environmental drawing as something Bad and boring. I think I might even start liking it and make some landscape drawings for my personal collection : D

The struggle with correct perspective and giving.. volume to the thumbnails is still hard to do. Exercises Must Be Done! Also drawing a perfectly straight line (frames) or keeping the thumbnail in horizontal or vertical way also seems to be an issue, but there is a solution to every problem - a ruler! 


  1. I'm liking your sketchbook pages a lot!... but yes, time to 'level up' :) Looking forward to it.

  2. Really nice sketches, Kristina! I am waiting for more drawings from you : )