Space oddities: Le Voyage Dans La Lune, Movie review


  1. A good start Kristina - well done :)

    Just a couple of pointers; while you have italicised the other films etc that you have mentioned, you have forgotten to do 'A Trip to the Moon' !

    Don't forget that you need to support your discussion with at least 3 quotes from published sources; this means having a look at other film reviews, searching books etc, to find out what other film critics have said about the film. These quotes will support your analysis and give you 'jumping off points' for other discussions. You will need to reference the quotes within the text and in a bibliography, using the Harvard method - you can find out how to do that here

    Your images will also need to be referenced using this method.

    All-in-all though, a very promising start :D

  2. Ops! I was reading other reviews to get an idea of what I should do, but I totally forgot to actually use quotes and make it more in-depth... I was wondering what I was missing : D
    Thanks for that comment!