First thumbnails

This is my attempt to make something digital regarding out project. It's quite messy, but I'll try to get better at it. The cities are Octavia (34-36), Thekla (38-40) and Sphronia  (37,41,42).

I'd say it's rather easy to make something look abstract, but to draw it in such a way that the person on the other side can actually recognize what is drawn there is the hardest part...


  1. great to see you working digitally, Kristina - these are atmospheric, but I don't think the 'stick people' are necessary at this stage, as often 'stick people' lack the same sophistication and impressionism of the paintings they inhabit; they can make a composition seem a little less sophisticated.

  2. Well, I was putting them more for me, so I can imagine how things should look if.. there were people. But I guess they do give that impression. Thanks for that, I will do better next time!