Summer Project
Part I


  1. Lovely stuff, Kristina :)

    "Don't be nervous!" See below - get following the blogs of your classmates who have already set up their blogs.

    Deanna Crisbacher @ http://deanna-crisbacher.blogspot.co.uk
    Hannah Kubias @ http://hannah-kubias.blogspot.co.uk
    Thomas Smith @ http://peachflandango.blogspot.co.uk
    Manisha Dusila @ http://manishadusilacaanimation.blogspot.co.uk
    Lewis Punton @ http://lewispuntonanimation.blogspot.co.uk
    Ian Garling @ http://iangarling.blogspot.co.uk
    Thanachot Singsamran @ http://www.douysingy.blogspot.co.uk
    Danni Foley @ http://dannifoleycaa.blogspot.co.uk
    Mike Kuku @ http://blakcai.blogspot.co.uk
    Ben Williams @ http://kiyanqwindu.blogspot.co.uk
    Tom Ward @ http://wardsanimation.blogspot.co.uk
    Sarah Hall @ http://sarahhalluca.blogspot.co.uk
    Becky Stapely @ http://rebeccastapley.blogspot.co.uk
    Zoe Thornton @ http://zoeprojectblog.blogspot.co.uk
    Eleanor Spence @ http://espence-animation.blogspot.co.uk
    Tyler Lloyd @ http://tylercgi2.blogspot.co.uk
    Lilly Powling @ http://lillyrosepowlinganimation.blogspot.co.uk

    Also - a bit of 'blogging advice' - at the moment, your blogger template is very 'busy' and decorative, which means it is over-powering your actual work. Consider a more simple template to ensure the focus is on your work :)

    1. Thank you! And yes, I know it should be solid colour so that the main focus goes on the drawings but I didn't want to leave it too dull yet.. :D It will be fixed!

  2. Hi Kristina,
    I am Sam, a recent graduate that still lurks around blogger : D

    Good luck with starting your first year : )

  3. Hey Kristina,
    I'm Hannah, about to start third year :) Welcome to CAA! If you need any help feel free to contact me via my blog http://hannah-milliner.blogspot.co.uk/ :)

    1. Thanks a lot! I will make sure to make a good use of this offered help! : )

  4. Hiiii, Sam again!

    I have been assigned as your mentor which means if you have any problems, questions, concerns feel free to message me : D

    Also, first piece of advice, I think you should try changing the language of your blog to english, because at the moment it's in Cyrilic and its a bit confusing :(

    I hope first days at uni are not too scary and that you are enjoying them!

    1. Hey Sam! Yes I know it happens. I changed it few times to English and it goes back to Bulgarian, I have no idea why. Everything is in English, but it somehow converts it automatically : (

      If you have an idea how to fix it, please let me know!.